About LCF

Living with chronic medical conditions can be difficult. Living Chronic Faith is here to make the journey more meaningful by:


  • connecting members with others with experiences that are similar to their own and encouraging them to interact with people who can genuinely relate to their challenges and victories

  • presenting content designed to motivate and uplift, and to inspire members to live fully and not merely exist

  • providing lifestyle optimization strategies that, when put into practice, will help make daily tasks easier, conserve physical energy, and minimize frustration and unnecessary stress

  • furnishing a wealth of resources that exist to help members become as healthy as possible (physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally)

  • helping members identify and pursue their personal goals

  • introducing (adaptive and assistive) products and services that will support their independence and overall well-being

  • Creating a safe space where people can embrace hope and dare to dream again

About The Founder

Allison J. Hampton is a Christian speaker, playwright, author, and Christian life coach who is living with four chronic autoimmune diagnoses. Through her medical journey, she has learned how faith in God changes how we perceive and experience life for the better.  She believes that God desires for every person He created to be happy and whole, and that His plan for our lives can be discovered through relationship with Him. Her goal is to share her insights with others who may find themselves on a journey toward purpose and maximized potential and to facilitate a community in which they can walk that journey together using the Word of God as a roadmap. Allison holds a Master of Divinity from Southeastern University, is pursuing a doctorate from Liberty University, and lives to share God’s message of hope, restoration, and life with as many people as possible.